Radiant Counseling is a therapy practice serving the Golden Isles and surrounding areas.  We pride ourselves in providing the best possible care in a safe, judgment free, comfortable setting.  Our services include individual and couples counseling, with plans to begin groups this year.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of privacy, confidentiality, and safety in every aspect of what we do.  Please reach out with any questions or suggestions as to how we might make Radiant Counseling the best experience for you!

Our Mission Statement

We strive to be a leading force in the therapeutic process by practicing our “4 C’s”: being CARING, COMPETENT, CLIENT CENTERED and, COLLABORATIVE!  We are committed to fighting the stigma that seeking therapy is something to be ashamed of.  We believe that engaging in the therapeutic process should be as celebrated as engaging in physical fitness and as vital as going to the doctor.  We work to assist our clients in discovering that through open and honest dialogue, we can find clarity, a sense of peace and individual inner radiance.