Just “be”

We are bombarded by ads for products, practices, and publications that promise us how to “fix” what ails us.  One of the first and most important steps we can take toward meeting our personal goals is to just begin enhancing our awareness.  Such an action may sound easy and effortless and although it isn’t complicated, it takes practice, daily practice.  Start by taking notice of when you engage in a certain behavior or emotion you would like to change.  Just notice it; become aware of it; recognize it, and acknowledge it.  The next step is to engage in awareness without judgment or negativity.  One of the most difficult aspects of the practice of gaining awareness is not to assign a value judgment to the recognition.  For example: “I am tired…I shouldn’t be tired I have been lazy all week.”  The practice of awareness asks us to leave any judgments aside and just be.  Therefore, I am tired.  Period.  Once we get into the habit of becoming more aware of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, we are in a great position to begin to analyze them, modify them, and even change them if we choose.  What part of you do you choose to become more aware of this week?


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