The Beauty of Grey

Often, we live life in absolutes.  We find ourselves using words like, “always” and “never,” which puts limits on how we view our circumstances.  If you find yourself using these words often, ask yourself, “But is it always like this?” “Do I really never get to?”  When we live in absolutes, we are claiming that there is no exception.  This mindset can sometimes limit our perspective which may cause fear, anxiety, upset, or failure.  If we were to change our phrasing and add words such as “sometimes” or “it’s possible,” we create hope or potential for ourselves.

Living in the “grey” areas of our lives can offer an opportunity to see life from a different perspective.  The definition of the grey area is, “an area or part of something existing between two extremes and having mixed characteristics of both” ( When we allow our thoughts to exist in the grey areas, we remove limits which help to promote positivity and to allow us to “be okay” and accept the situation.

Our words shape our perspective.  One of my favorite bands in High School, Live, had a song titled the “Beauty of Grey.” I would sing these words at the top of my lungs, with the windows down: “This is not a black and white world To be alive I say the colors must swirl And I believe That maybe today We will all get to appreciate The beauty of gray” – LIVE.  If you don’t know this song, I strongly encourage you to listen to it.  And afterwards, pause to remember that life is full of uncertainty.  However, it is through our own limits that we make it challenging.  Give yourself the gift of possibility and embrace the beauty of grey.

~ Charlotte

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