Our Groups

Some may question the idea of joining a group of strangers to discuss their concerns, but there are many benefits to group therapy.  Participating in groups can offer you the chance to create your very own support network.  Other group members often help you to develop ways to improve a difficult situation or life challenge, while holding you accountable as you go through the process to make changes.  Regularly talking about your problems and in turn listening to others may help to put things into perspective. Oftentimes, you may feel alone in your thoughts and that you are the only one struggling — but you’re not.  It can be comforting to hear others speak about their own problems, and then realize you’re not the only one with those feelings.  By listening to how other people address their issues ultimately resulting in positive changes, you may discover a whole new world as well as friends along the way.

We are currently offering a group opportunity where we can come to you.  If you are looking for a Lunch and Learn topic for your office staff, consider our educational and experiential Meditation Session. We will discuss the benefits of utilizing meditation and self-care in everyday life while sharing resources.  The group will then engage in a guided meditation followed by an opportunity to process the experience.  Please contact us for more information about pricing and scheduling.

Our other groups are ongoing.  Details of those groups can be found on our About page.  Please contact us for more information and to sign-up.